We Provide Total Solution

Company Profile

    PT Dian Lestari Sejahtera is formed with a single objective in mind, which is to harness the wealth as well as expand the combination of engineering expertise accumulated over an extensive period of 60 years. We continue to specialize in the four industries including Mineral Ore Mining, Glass, Ceramic and Refrectory Manufacturing. PT Dian Lestari Sejahtera brings you the best quality products at the most competitive price with cunning time delivery and only at the best sales service.

    Alongside our sister company, which owns as well as operates their own proprietary Zirconium Ore mines in Kalimantan and Sumatra, we have become one of the strongest founded company of our time. We have full control over the source of our raw material whilst having the prestigious protection against wild price fluctuation and supply chain uncertainties that seems avid throughout the world economy.

    As a company we only have one objective, one target and one motto. "We value our customers with services and quality" with the objective as a Total Solution partnership to accommodate our venerated customers.

Today, PT Dian Lestari Sejahtera is the leading manufacturer of :