PT Dian Lestari Sejahtera (DLS) is one of the most prominent Feldspar manufacturers. By closely collaborating with our customer, we have maintained best quality of Feldspar powder with excellent quality. The Feldpspar Powders have been applied in various industries due to our developed human resources, competent technical knowledge, and manufacturing skills.With competitive market price and consistent quality, Dian Lestari has build mutual relationship with its customers.

Product Type :

1. Potassium feldspar

Potasium Feldspar Lokal Bobos / FBS max 8 mm
Pati / U5 max 8 mm
Pati / U5 mesh 60
Lampung mesh 60
Potasium Feldspar Import DFKI - 100
DFKI - 200

2. Sodium feldspar

Sodium Feldspar Import DFNI - 100
DFNI - 200

Application :

In order to maintain consistent high quality product, the laboratory is equipped with X-RF Spectrophotometer and X-Ray Particle Analyzer.