Material Safety
Data Sheet


According To EC Directive 91/155/EEC

Identification of the Substance/Preparation and of the Company/Undertaking

Identification of the product
Catalogue No :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Product Name :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Use of the substance/preparation : Chemical Production and Ceramic Raw Company/undertaking identification,,,,,,

Company/undertaking identification
Company : PT. Dian Lestari Sejahtera, Jakarta, Indonesia Phone +6221 5482482
Emergency Telephone No : Customer Call Centre +6221 5357569, +6221 8980234 (Factory) : Customer Call Centre +6221 5357569 +6221 8980234 (Factory)

Composition/Information on Ingredients
CAS-No. : 7631-86-9
M : 60.09 g/mol EC-No. : 231-545-4
Chemical Formula : SiO2

Hazards Identification
No hazardous product as specified in Directive 67/548/EEC

First Aid Measures
After inhalation : Fresh air
After skin contact : Wash of with plenty of water
After eye contact : Rinse out with plenty of water with the eyelid held wide open.
After swallowing : (large amounts), consult doctor if feeling unwell

Fire-Fighting Measures
Suitable extinguishing media : In adaption to materials stored in the immediate neighborhood.
Special risks : No-combustible.
Special protective equipment for fire fighting : Do not stay in dangerous zone without self-contained breathing apparatus.

Accidental Release Measures
Person-related precautionary measures : Avoids generation of dust; do not inhale dusts.
Procedures for cleaning/absorption : Take up dry. Forward for disposal. Clean up affected area. Avoid generation of dusts

Handling and Storage
Handling : No further requirements
Storage : Tightly closed, Dry, Storage temperature, no restrictions.

Exposure Controls/Personal Protection
Personal Protective equipment : Protective clothing should be selected specifically for the working place, depending on concentration and quantity of the hazardous substances handled. The esistance of the protective clothing to chemicals should be ascertained with the respective supplier.
Respiratory protection : Required when dusts are generated. Filter P1 (acc. To DIN 3181 for solid particles of inert substances.

Eye protection : Required

Hand protection : In full Contact
Glove material : Nitrile rubber
Layer thickness : 0.11 mm
Breakthrough time : > 480 Min
In splash contact : Use Glove
The protective gloves to be used must comply with the specications of EC directive 89/686/EEC and the resultant standard EN374, example KCl 741 Dematril ® L (full contact), 741 Dematril ® L (splash contact). The breakthrough times stated above were determined by KCl; in laboratory tests acc to EN374with samples of the recommended glove types.

Industrial hygiene : Change contaminated clothing. Application of skin-protective barrier cream recommended. Wash hands after working with substance.

Physical and Chemical Properties
Form : powder
Color : white
Odor : odorless
Melting point : ~1710°C
Density (20°C) : ~ 450 kg/m3
Solubility in water : v inert

Stability and Reactivity
Conditions to be avoided : no information available
Substances to be avoided : no information available
Hazardous decomposition product : no information available

Toxicological Information
Acute toxicity : Quantitative data on the toxicity of this product are not available. Specific symptoms in animal studies.
skin irritation test (rabbit) : No irritation (OECD 404)
Further toxicological information : after inhalation of dust: irritation symptoms in the respiratory tract.
Other notes : Intensive contact with the eye may lead to irritation symptoms
Further data : Sensitization possible in predisposed person.

Ecological Information : The product should be handled with the care usual when dealing with chemicals.

Ecotoxic effects : Quantitative data on the ecological effect of this product are not available.
Further ecologic data : No ecological problems are to be expected when the product is handled and used with due care and attention.

Disposal Considerations
Product : Chemical must be disposed of in compliance with the respective national regulations. Under you will find country and substance-specific information as well as contact partners.

Packaging : PT. DLS product packaging must be disposed of in compliance with the country-specific regulations or must be passed to a packaging return system. Under you will find special information on the respective national conditions as well as contact partners.

Transport information : Not subject to transport regulations.

Regulatory information

Labeling according to EC Directive
Symbol : ---
R-phrases : ---
S-phrases : 22 Do not breathe dust

Other Information
Reason for alteration : General update